Welcome to Fauji Foundation of India

Fauji Foundation of India is a Section 8, non-profit company registered under Indian Companies Act in June 2018. We are here to carry out welfare activities for widows of soldiers, their dependents and disabled soldiers primarily in non-govermnental realm.

In India there are 30 Lakh Ex-Servicemen (ESM), with an average of four dependents per ESM it combines to a strength to 1.20 Crore. Plus many Jawans, JCOs and officers retiring every year add to the pool. Thus, there exists a vast pool of trained, disciplined and motivated section of retired Armed Forces personnel (Faujis) in India untapped so far for constructive nation building. For the last 72 years in India we do not have any not-for-profit organisation to work for the cause of Faujis at national level with a visionary charter to carryout welfare and growth activities for retired Armed Forces Personnel and their dependents in non-govt realm.

Capt Prasoon Kumar (Publisher) and Maj Maroof Raza (Editor), both Indian Army veterans have been running this magazine called ‘Fauji India’ since Aug 2014. They realised during course of their meetings and discussions with Faujis and Corporates to extend the scope of the magazine to a non-profit foundation to harness CSR initiatives of corporates. During their engagement with Faujis they found keen interest to participate once such a platform is in place. This made them to understand that public participation is possible and the time is opportune to form a non-profit platform for the welfare of Faujis of India in sync with the outlined mandate.

In background of this, it infers that the ‘Fauji India’ magazine has created a sound platform to rally like-minded Faujis together to create such a Foundation and carry out non-profit welfare activities for the Armed Forces fraternity.

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